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Copyright Information & Disclaimer

"Active Media" and it's respective Logo, publications, designs and productions remain the intellectual property of Active Media (see Definitions). This is also applicable to the Mouse Pilot theme, references and animations. All rights are reserved in this regard.

All material produced by Active Media is subject to copyright laws and is to be used for informational purposes only. Graphics and text are not to be separated from their original content and/or context. All copyright notices are to remain untouched and intact on any copies.

Any feedback, submissions, questions, suggestions, concepts, techniques or such offered to Active Media is deemed free to be used by Active Media (unless otherwise stated by the offering party at the time) in any form or context that is decided appropriate by Active Media.

All publications by Active Media provided on-line are for your information only, without expressed or implied Warranty. You assume all responsibility for any actions taken as a consequence of information that may be provided in any of our publications. Our publications may contain inaccuracies, errors or omissions.

Default Agreement on Ownership of Works Created by Active Media

All work created by Active Media, (copy, scripts, animation, images, etc) is sold for hire to the purchaser for use in its original form and context, whether web page, digital format or print. This content remains the property of Active Media, and all rights are reserved unless alternate written negotiation is agreed to.

Web development contracts with Active Media enable the client of Active Media to use the work created (in its original form only) for the purposes for which it was originally developed and used only. For example; product images and copy developed or significantly enhanced by Active Media for a particular web space or page cannot be reused by anyone else (including the client), for inclusion within other web pages or print, without prior written consent.

Hire of work developed by Active Media is sold as a perpetual licence to the client for their use in the form (and only in the original form) for which it was originally developed and sold. For example; any worked commissioned for development by Active Media and hired through payment by the client is licensed to be used by the paying client for the purpose it was originally developed and/or licensed for an indefinite period or until the ownership rights of Active Media are violated. Active Media retains the right to reuse and re-licence and resell the licence of any work developed by Active Media to any client unless otherwise stated by written agreement.

Work declared to be covered by Active Media copyright is perpetual unless otherwise agreed in writing, and remains the intellectual property of Active Media. For example; work created under reserved copyright in 1997 will remain the intellectual property of Active Media indefinitely, or until otherwise arranged by written agreement with Active Media.

Clients purchasing hire rights for material (developed by Active Media) are asked to negotiate an extra price for independent ownership (of any material produced by Active Media) at the time of development, else expect the cost of any extended rights of reuse to be a separate negotiation to that of the hire licence of the developed work.

Privacy Policy

Active Media takes your privacy seriously. Any personal information you may supply is kept strictly confidential and is used (if you subscribe to the newsletter) to help us inform you about updates to our site and notify you of new and existing products/services that are currently available.

Any data we collect is used to give us demographic information about our audience, which we use to improve our service. We will not give out personal information to any third parties without your prior authorization. If at any time you would no longer like to receive our newsletter, follow the instructions below.


  1. "Active Media" refers to the owner/s of the NSW registered business Active Media (BRN: U3171119) at the time of development of the materials in dispute or reference.
  2. "Client" refers to a person or business entity involved in the paid hire of freelance or development services of Active Media.


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